3 Siege für URW beim WBV RLT am 19. November

A formidable group of eight participants—Bo, David, Edvin, Felix, Himanshu, James, Lalropuia, Ray—represented URW with exceptional energy and sportsmanship at the WBV Turnier (Einzel) held on the 19th of November. Their stellar performances resonated throughout the tournament, showcasing their talent and determination against competitors from various age groups and corners of Austria.
In a spectacular display of skill, Lalropuia emerged as the undisputed champion of the A bracket, delivering a commanding performance that saw him clinch victory without dropping a single set. His flawless run through the competition solidified his status as a force to be reckoned within the badminton scene. Meanwhile, Himanshu exhibited remarkable skill and tenacity, securing a well-deserved second place in the fiercely contested A bracket.

Edvin, a standout in the B competition, demonstrated great skill as he navigated through some intense final games. His resilience ultimately earned him the top spot in the B bracket, a testament to his dedication and commitment to the sport.