Welcome to Union Rot-Weiss Vienna Badminton

Union Rot-Weiss Wien is one of the largest badminton clubs in Vienna.
Our acronym "URW" also stands for "You are welcome"!
We are open to all players from all ages and genders. If you are looking for a high quality training and want to compete in on of our four league teams, or if you just want to play in your leasure time with and against different players in a competitive environment, contact us!

Our venues / sports halls are located in different parts of Vienna and can easily be reached by public transport. Our members can practice four days a week. Find details here: Schedule

We have teams in different leagues of Vienna and we formerly also competed in the national league (Bundesliga 2).

Although we emphazise competition, we also set a high value on firendship, social cohesion and fun.
If you are an open person you will not have troubles finding training partners and friends among our members. Just send an e-mail or contact us here via our website to fix a free trial!

Please provide informations concerning your age, gender, level and so far badminton experiences in your request!

Annual fees