URW at the 1st Elite Tournament in Pressbaum

In Mens Singles, Marian managed to score a fantastic 7th place by winning 2 of the 4 matches that he played. He won an exciting and a close match against a star youngster from Upper Austria to make it to the top 8 and modelled an excellent example of patience and mental strength. Himanshu on the other hand had to satisfy with the 24th place in his first Elite Tournament with no wins but a lucky walkover in one of his games.

Mens doubles specialists Ray and Medhavi secured 11th place after losing against the strong Badent brothers in the first round.

Pia and Catherine won the first round in Womens doubles which helped them secure the 8th place despite of losing the second round against the winners of the tournament (our favourite trainer Sabina and her partner Carina - congrats!)

Medhavi and Catherine had a lucky start with the walkover in the first round. After losing the second round to the runner ups of the tournament, they still managed to secure 14th place at the tournament.

Next weekend, next highlight in pressbaum: SF of the first Bundesliga between Pressbaum and Mödling!

Details & ÖBV-Bericht zum Elite Turnier