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1st Prize again for URW- Same Position, Same Place & Same Weekend !

It was a great weekend for URW, where they proved their brilliance in badminton two days in a row by securing 1st positions on the podium consicutively in the weekend tournaments.

Alla & Medhavi played doubles in Mostviertel Cup Amstetten and were able to secure 1st position. 


Two 1st prizes for URW at Small-Five Tournament!

URW’s presence was strongly felt at the Small Five Tournament that took place on Saturday 18 March in Amstetten!
A great start for the new URW member, Michela, who smashed 1st place in her first ever singles tournament!
A big congratulation also to Ray, who together with Reka, snatched the first podium of the mixed tournament!

2nd League: Congratulation to team URW2 !

It took a little bit of time, but team URW2 came back strong by tasting their first win against FSPV ErsteBank1 by  6:2 in the new year session of Vienna Badminton league 2.

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